purpose and teens

I’ve been asked to give a presentation to a group of incoming first-year Latino students on Tuesday.  My presentation is focused on the connection between purpose and major/career (and I would add “calling”).  As I gather my resources together to get them to look at their educational experience in a different way, I was drawn … Continue reading

learning revolution

During my morning workout this morning, I started to think about the talks, videos, speeches, etc. that have inspired me the most over the years.  When I started this Make College Matter/Life Design Catalyst work several years ago, there was ONE video that really inspired me to find ways to help people – young and … Continue reading


Hi everyone!  In our “Redesign a Life You’ll Love” course, over a two-week period, we have students identify their superhero powers, then draw themselves as a superhero.  It was rated as one of their favorite activities in the course.  Now, imagine if we could have them dress up as their superhero, take pictures, then send … Continue reading

coco (the movie)

Rebecca (my wife) and I watched the Disney movie “Coco” last night. Loved, loved, LOVED the movie. So thankful that my dear friend Zitty “suggested” that I watch it. The movie is about purpose, legacy, family, and the afterlife (in a playful way), you will love this movie. Here’s a link to the trailer: To … Continue reading

true mirror

I was reading an e-mail from a company called “The Happy Start-Up” by Laurence McCahill. The subject was about “Unfaking the World,” how “being fake” has infiltrated our lives and caused an epidemic of depression and anxiety in young people. Made me think a lot about Brene Brown’s TED Talk, “The Power of Vulnerability.” It’s … Continue reading