life philosophy

I just finished reading Angela Duckworth’s book, “Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance.”  There was a lot to enjoy in this book; however, there was one question in that book that stuck out for me, so much so that it’s been on my mind for two days now. “What is your life philosophy?” In … Continue reading

the self-expert

This week, we had students in the three different classes (HHS125: What Could I Do With My Life, HHS135: Redesign a Life You’ll Love, and ENT/HHS250: Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurship) present their final projects.  In the HHS125 class, students shared their Personal Charters projects; in the HHS135, students shared their Dream Board projects.  In the ENT/HHS250 course, … Continue reading

what’s most important (to students)

After conducting the Purposeful Degree Audit, the following week the students are asked to identify their’ most important values. We have them do a quick activity, “What’s Most Important to Me” to get them in the mindset of values exploration. We list 17 categories (plus other); some values intrinsically focused, some extrinsically focused. We use … Continue reading

purposeful education audit

Three weeks ago, we had students in our “What Can I Do With My Life” class take a Purposeful Education Audit to examine the state of their educational experience, to see if they need to make a change in some way.  The statements for the Purposeful Education Audit were adapted from the Purposeful Work Audit … Continue reading

biggest regret…

I’m in New Orleans, Louisiana today (Wednesday), getting ready for the start of the Small Business Institute that starts on Thursday.  Since I got to the hotel early, I decided to use the time to get through hundreds of e-mails that I’ve neglected due to “life stuff.” One of the e-mails, sent to me from … Continue reading

definition of success…

Over the course of the Fall Semester, students in my HHS125 classes have engaged in 11 weeks of activities focused on self-exploration (and self-discovery).  They’ve answered kick-ass questions about life, written and shared their life story and lollipop moments, learned about their personality type, their character and engagement strengths, their values, their talents and gifts, … Continue reading