the self-expert

This week, we had students in the three different classes (HHS125: What Could I Do With My Life, HHS135: Redesign a Life You’ll Love, and ENT/HHS250: Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurship) present their final projects.  In the HHS125 class, students shared their Personal Charters projects; in the HHS135, students shared their Dream Board projects.  In the ENT/HHS250 course, … Continue reading

what’s most important (to students)

After conducting the Purposeful Degree Audit, the following week the students are asked to identify their’ most important values. We have them do a quick activity, “What’s Most Important to Me” to get them in the mindset of values exploration. We list 17 categories (plus other); some values intrinsically focused, some extrinsically focused. We use … Continue reading

purposeful education audit

Three weeks ago, we had students in our “What Can I Do With My Life” class take a Purposeful Education Audit to examine the state of their educational experience, to see if they need to make a change in some way.  The statements for the Purposeful Education Audit were adapted from the Purposeful Work Audit … Continue reading

biggest regret…

I’m in New Orleans, Louisiana today (Wednesday), getting ready for the start of the Small Business Institute that starts on Thursday.  Since I got to the hotel early, I decided to use the time to get through hundreds of e-mails that I’ve neglected due to “life stuff.” One of the e-mails, sent to me from … Continue reading

definition of success…

Over the course of the Fall Semester, students in my HHS125 classes have engaged in 11 weeks of activities focused on self-exploration (and self-discovery).  They’ve answered kick-ass questions about life, written and shared their life story and lollipop moments, learned about their personality type, their character and engagement strengths, their values, their talents and gifts, … Continue reading

kick-ass thinking…

The 2015 Fall Semester at UNCG started a little over 2 weeks ago.  Last Spring Semester, I scheduled 10 sections of my 1-credit life coaching course “Design Your Life I: What Could I Do With My Life,” thinking that I would only teach 3-5 sections of the course.  Well, to make a long story short … Continue reading