About Me…

It’s been a while since I updated this site, so now it’s time to paint a newer picture “About Me.”

Currently, I serve as a Student Success Coordinator in the School of Health and Human Science at the University of North Carolina – until June 30, 2022, when I retire from the University. In July, I will start a new part-time position as the Coordinator of the Legacy-Men of Color Program at Davidson-Davie Community College. I’m excited to write this new chapter in my life.

I am also a Life Design Catalyst, helping people figure out what they want to do with their lives, based on the exploration of purpose (Who am I?), meaning (What am I here to do?), and vision (Where do I want to go?).  I DON’T do academic advising (actually registration/scheduling) per say; I’m more into life planning and personal development.  My position DEFINITELY does not define me…

I am a certified Dream Coach and Dream Coach Group Leader (sometimes referred to as a Spiritual Group Leader).  I also have training in life coaching, purpose coaching and wellness coaching.  I honestly believe that most people who help others move forward/achieve something in life is a coach.  Didn’t need to spend many thousands of dollars to be certified to help people achieve more…but I got a chance to connect with some amazing people!  I also serve a community of Life Design Catalyst Coaches, a group of outstanding individuals interested in helping others thrive in life.

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Recreation and Parks Administration and a Master of Science degree in Physical Education, both from the University of Delaware.  Spent two years pursuing a PhD in Sociology, but decided to withdraw because I realized that I needed to serve others in a different way – and that was through academic advising.  Interestingly enough, I have been in higher education as a student or employee since 1981 – yep, that’s 41 years!  I’ve been in a University setting for ALL of my adult life!

I’m married my darling wife Rebecca, and have two beautiful daughters – Amanda and Bethany. If you want a glimpse of what I’m like at home, think of a milder version of “Sheldon” from “Big Bang Theory, just not as socially awkward.

To learn more about my “work history,” check out my curriculum vitae here: bill johnson curriculum vitae, 11-26-21

My “Character Resume” Characteristics


  • Four-letter code: ENFP, “The Champions”
  • Characteristics: authentic, values-driven, passionate, energetic, independent, creative, introspective


  • Number Type: 8 “The Challengers”
  • Characteristics: independent; self-sufficient; driven; passionate; headstrong; energetic; confrontational; action-oriented

The Big Five

  • Scores: Openness: 87; Conscientiousness: 85; Extraversion: 52; Agreeableness: 45; Neuroticism: 68
  • Characteristics: ambitious; self-disciplined; deliberate; thoughtful; anxious; vulnerable; creative; unconventional

Character Strengths (VIA Character Strengths)

  • Zest; Love Of Learning; Creativity; Gratitude; Hope; Spirituality

Engagement Strengths (StrengthsFinder)

  • Maximizer; Futuristic; Relator; Belief; Activator; Connectedness

Principles You

  • Three Archetypes
    • Shaper (Best Match); Inventor (Good Match); Inspirer (Moderate Match)
  • Characteristics:
    • How You Prefer to Think: Conceptual (High), Creative (Moderate)
    • How You Engage With Others: Tough (Very High), Leadership (High), Nurturing (High)
    • How You Apply Yourself: Autonomous (Very High), Energetic (Very High), Determined (High)

Personal Core Values

  • Top 5: Fitness/Health; Wisdom; Personal Development/Growth; Spirituality; Family/Friendship (Community/Tribe)
  • Next 5: Accomplishment/Achievement; Autonomy/Independence; Integrity; Service/Helping Others; Creativity/Self-Expression

Desired Work Values

  • Top 5 (actually, Top 7): Personal Development; Autonomy; Flexibility; Friendships; Make a Difference; Travel; Respect

Lifestyle Values

  • Prefer warm weather/climate.
  • Be involved in sporting activities.
  • Spend time with close friends/community/tribe.
  • Contribute to well-being and development of others.
  • Engage in practices for inner peace.
  • Spend time reading and/or writing.
  • Live with (and spend quality time) with partner.

Personal Motivators

  • Become the best version of myself.
  • Spend quality time around like-minded people.
  • Leave a legacy/be remembered.
  • Do work that’s significant.
  • Focus on holistic health and well-being (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual).
  • Have financial security/stability.
  • Make a significant impact by developing others.

Workplace Identity and Workplace Motivators

  • Workplace Identity: The Thinker
  • Workplace Motivators: Autonomy; Creativity; Developing Others; Impact; Purpose

More coming soon…


4 thoughts on “About Me…

  1. I am looking to get educated on the 40 values course that helps guide career paths. Please let me know where I can get more information on this?
    Many thanks,
    Shari Ocampo

    • Hi Shari! Not sure what you mean by the “40 values course”; however, in our Life Design Catalyst Facilitator Training, we do both the 40 kick-ass coaching questions about life and the 36 value tags values assessment. Both have been helpful in helping students think not only about their career paths, but their lives in general. We also have a desired work values assessment and developing a “lifestyle” values assessment to help students further define the things that are most important in doing meaningful work and becoming their best selves!

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