catalyst challenge, day 6: principles you

Monday, February 14, 2022

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Note: Please enjoy the relaxing music while completing the assessment!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Welcome to Week 2 and Day 6 of the Catalyst Challenge: Know Yourself!

I hope you enjoyed the activities last week. Over time, students have shared the value of getting opportunities to know themselves a little bit better. This week, we’ll continue with one more online assessment (Principles You), then get into hands-on assessments, starting tomorrow with Personal Core Values.


Principles You Assessment

(P.S. This is one of my favorites! You’ll get a lot of great information from this assessment!)

This is a fairly NEW Assessment (it came out early last year) that provides even more insight about yourself and what you bring to the table, in and out of he workplace. It’s one that will be extremely useful as you explore your educational, experiential, employment, and/or entrepreneurial endeavors in the future. I believe that it provides a great supplement to why your strengths are your strengths. This Assessment was created by two of the great business thinkers out there: Ray Dalio and Adam Grant. I’m going to warn you – it’s LONG! I’ve had people share that it’s taken them 30 minutes to complete this assessment. But I believe the value it provides is worth more than the time you need to complete it. LOVE IT!!!

Clink on this link to take the FREE Principles You Assessment:, then click on the button, “Take the Free Assessment”

When you take the Assessment, you’ll be given the option to stop after about 20 minutes; my suggestion would be to keep going so you can get the best results. Once complete, you’ll receive and IN-DEPTH report that provides the following:

  • Your top Three Archetypes (and the two least like you): Best Match, Good Match, and Moderate Match
  • How You Prefer To Think (Your Cognitive Orientation), listed as Very High, High, Moderate, Low, and Very Low
  • How You Engage With Others (Your Interpersonal Orientation), listed as Very High, High, Moderate, Low, and Very Low
  • How You Apply Yourself (Your Motivational Orientation), listed as Very High, High, Moderate, Low, and Very Low

You’ll also be provided with brief descriptions on how you respond in different work and life situations, such as:

  • When interacting with others…
  • As a leader…
  • When planning…
  • When solving problems…
  • When setting goals…
  • On a team…
  • Under stress…
  • When learning…

Again, it’s a pretty comprehensive assessment that I can be extremely valuable in work and in life.

Once you get your results, you’ll want to write down the following:

  • Your TOP THREE (3) Archetypes and a few words/phrases that briefly describes each Archetype.
  • Your Characteristics that are Very High, High, and Moderate from the categories, “How You Prefer to Think,” “How You Engage With Others,” and “How You Apply Yourself.”
  • At least THREE (3) Phrases (can add more if you desire) that best describe you that you’d like to include from the last section, “How You Respond in Different Work and Life Situations.”

Have fun!!!

Bill’s Principles You Results

Three Archetypes:

  • Best Match: Shaper – Shapers visualize ambitious goals, set plans in place, and push through relentlessly to make them happen. They tend to be independent, original, driven, demanding, adaptable and at times impatient and single-minded.
  • Good Match: Inventor – Inventors are driven by coming up with new and innovative ideas, products and solutions. They tend to be creative, open-minded, conceptual, spontaneous and at times disorganized and unstructured.
  • Moderate Match: Inspirer – Inspirers lead through motivating people to get behind a challenging and important idea, project, or business objective. They tend to be motivating, engaging, supportive and leadership-oriented.

Main Characteristics (Choose those that are Very High, High, and Moderate; those characteristics greater than 50%)

  • How You Prefer to Think: Conceptual (High), Creative (Moderate)
  • How You Engage With Others: Tough (Very High), Leadership (High), Nurturing (High)
  • How You Apply Yourself: Autonomous (Very High), Energetic (Very High), Determined (High)

Additional Characteristics (a small sample)

  • Interacting: Are willing to speak your mind, but are always aware of how others perceive it.
  • Leading: Argue for your beliefs and say what you think.
  • Planning: Approach planning and thinking in an unstructured and sometimes messy way.
  • Problem Solving: Work toward solutions more instinctively than analytically.
  • Goal Setting: Overcome challenges with determination.
  • On A Team: Are more straightforward than subtle, though don’t need to be the first to share your view.
  • Under Stress: May be resistant to taking advice from others.
  • Learning: Prefer an adaptive outline and flexible schedule.

Catalyst Challenge Worksheet

Here’s the link to download:

If you have any questions/comments/thoughts, feel free to contact me at


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