catalyst challenge: know yourself – introduction

Sunday, February 6, 2022

Relaxing Music for the month: Awakening: Liquid Mind (12:11) –

Who am I?

How would you answer that question?

Welcome to the Catalyst Challenge: Know Yourself!

For the next 15 weekdays, you will have the opportunity to participate in the “Catalyst Challenge: Know Yourself,” daily activities that will help you define who you are at the present moment. Each day on this blog, I will post the instructions to an activity that will provide a glimpse of yourself. Taken individually, each assessment may not provide a great deal of insight. However, by taking THIRTEEN (13) assessments, you’ll notice patterns in your answers, where you’ll be able to identify characteristics that will show up consistently throughout in your results.

Activities will include assessments on personality, strengths, values, and motivation; you’ll also use your results to identify your Personal Superpowers. The last Challenge activity will require you to complete a “Character Resume,” a document that combines all of the information from the various assessment activities into a two-page document that outlines your personal characteristics. We have found that students who’ve created a Character Resume have found this an extremely useful tool when asked “Tell me about yourself…” in job interviews.

Most of the activities for this Challenge will take around 15 minutes to complete; some a little longer, some a little shorter. My advice to you – answer the questions on various assessment honestly, based on who you are, not who you think you should be.

We’ve used these activities as a part of our Life Design Catalyst Training Program (, as well as the foundation for one of our three Simple Rules for Success – (1) Know Yourself. (2) Serve Profoundly. (3) Find Your Right Pond.) – in our “What Could I Do With My Life” course.

Why this challenge? For those familiar with Seth Godin, marketer extraordinaire, I just finished reading his book, “The Practice: Shipping Creative Work” and watched this video, “Do Work That Matters For People Who Care” ( and felt compelled to share this work anyone interested in learning more about themselves. Most of us have a desire to change the way we see ourselves and how others see us, but don’t have the tools to “see ourselves.” So, this is my gift to those who care.

Feel free to pass this Challenge to others. Engage your partner, your friends, your colleagues. Make it a group/team challenge, where you can complete the activities to learn more about each other. If you’re teaching a class, have your students participate in the Challenge! Our students have shared that completing these activities have been the most valuable experience in their college career!

To aid in this process, feel free to use the Catalyst Challenge: Know Yourself Worksheet, which you can use to record your answers in one place. Here’s the link to download:

If you have any questions/comments/thoughts, feel free to contact me at I look forward to working with you on this Challenge!


2 thoughts on “catalyst challenge: know yourself – introduction

    • Thanks Kathy! Yes, I thought it would be a great way to share this idea with others, since I know there’s a few like-minded souls out there who would enjoy the Challenge! I look forward to seeing your Character Resume at the end.

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