reflections 2022, day 4

Tuesday, January 4, 2022 (Day 4)

Relaxing Music for the month: Healing Hands: Liquid Mind (12:01) –

I read an interesting Philosophers Note this morning, “Louder Than Words: Harness the Power of Your Authentic Voice” by Todd Henry. I really loved what was shared in the section, Run Your Own Race, as follows:

“The lesson that I’ve embraced over the past decade of life and work is a simple one: because of unique passions, skills, experiences, and opportunities, each of us has a unique race to run. It’s ours alone, and cannot be compared to the race being run by others. When we allow the stigma of judgment, comparison, or envy to tempt us off course, we violate the fullness of the contribution of which we are capable. We exhaust ourselves chasing ‘ghost runners’ and ‘phantom success.’ We lose sight of the end goal, and in turn we lose sight of ourselves.

Pursue uniqueness with your voice. Run your race. Execute your plan. Do your work, not someone else’s. Don’t allow envy, spite, ego, or greed to derail you or cause you to chase a phantom ideal that was never meant for you. You have a valuable contribution to make in the arena of influence you’ve been given, and a unique voice to offer the world, but if you are not diligent you may wind up gaining quick ground in the short term, only to watch the pack pass you a few miles down the road.”

It resonated home with me, as well as an excerpt “The Second Mountain” by David Brooks, when the goal is to engage in “work” that is YOUR work, work that resonates with your soul. As I facilitate presentations, workshops, and trainings, I’m finding more and more people with the desire to find “work” that matters. The Great Resignation is an issue because most people believe that there’s need to be something done about the world of work these days. Gallup has done extensive research on the subject of engagement/disengagement, finding that 64% of working population are either no engaged or completely disengaged at work. And I’m seeing A LOT of not engaged/completely disengaged employees in higher education (and other arenas), which truly breaks my heart.

But now I understand that it’s time for me to just focus on what’s ahead for me, not on what’s happened behind me. I know the race that I’m suppose to run; now, it’s time for me to run the race, make the jump, and put UNCG in my rearview mirror.

Part of the drive for me to share these reflection was this awesome article by Mark Manson:

After I read the article yesterday afternoon and reading this morning’s Philosophers Note, I had this fire burning inside of me that’s having me focus my energy on the “what’s next?” and “what now?”, not on the crap that I need to do just to get through the days – and be at the whims of other people. It’s really time to have these “heart-to-heart” conversations with specific people to get Life Design Catalyst work out into the world – and right now, I don’t care whether it’s in higher education or not. Higher education is REALLY messed up right now…and I don’t know if I have the stomach to stay in it right now.

Exciting times, right?


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