the year of you, day 329

Friday, November 26, 2021 (Day 329)

Relaxing Music for the week: My Quiet Spirit: Liquid Mind (10:52) –

Question: Do you believe more in serendipity or coincidence? Why?

Answer: Since I believe that EVERYTHING happens for a reason, then I would lean more towards serendipity and less towards coincidence. Then, I had this question – are our lives are already scripted for us by our higher power (for me, that’s God) or do we have control over what happens to us? For example, as I think about the next chapter in my life, does God have my next “job” ready for me or do I need to take action to make it happen? Or, is it a combination of the two? Since I have a tendency to believe that we have to create our own paths and our own luck, I believe that we have to take some action and have some control over what we do. Since I also believe that we all have god-like power inside each and every one of us, we can have some say in what happens to us. One of my neighbors believes that God has scripted a plan for us for our lives and we just let things happen as they may. As I was listening to that, it made me think about the movie, “The Secret”; if you just think about it and put all your energy into it, most things will come into being. I don’t agree…you actually have to do work in order to make something happen. All that to say…everything happens for a reason.

Other Stuff

I did my routine of reading 4-5 articles in the morning and found two that were interesting. The first identified nine things you could do to improve yourself; find it here:

Of course, the first one listed was “Read a Book,” which leads me to sharing the second article:

Which I found to be more interesting, since I am a lover of reading and of books.

Don’t have to do all of the suggested recommendations in either article; see if you can find at least one nugget from either or both articles than can benefit your life.

From the first article, “Read Often” is my favorite suggestion, since I know that reading has had the most significant impact on my life (thanks Bethany and Amanda for turning me back on to reading). They also suggest incorporating an exercise routine, but I would expand it further and say that it’s better to create a MOVEMENT routine! Moving body periodically throughout the day has a more profound impact on your life than working out once and sitting on your ass for the rest of the day.

The second article had two nuggets that I really liked: (1) read 10 pages a day (which I currently do), and (2) Engage in Post-Reading Reflection, which includes these three questions:

  • What?: What did I learn from this book, what resonated, and what matters?
  • So What?: Why do those things matter? How have they influenced my world view, leader behaviors, and mental models?
  • Now What?: What is changing in my life and leadership moving forward as a result? This targets the application of what I’ve learned.

I’ve read and read and read, but I think these are great, great questions to consider after reading a book. I like this idea A LOT!!!

So, what are YOU going to do?


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