the year of you, day 5

January 5, 2021

Question: What are your core strengths?

Answer: This is another question that we have our students explore; in fact, we actually break it down to character strengths (VIA Character Strengths) and engagement strengths (Gallup’s Strengthsfinder). You can find you character strengths by taking the online assessment at VIA Institute on Character’s web site at: For a list and short description of your Clifton (engagement) Strengths, click on this link:

Since I’ve done each several times, I will list my top six for both character and engagement strengths, since they’ve been pretty consistent over the years.

Character Strengths:

  • Zest: Take on projects with excitement and energy. Typically go all-in on anything meaningful. Driven by action.
  • Love Of Learning: Read at least 2-3 books a week, at least 2-3 articles a day, watch 3-5 webinars a week. Constantly learning in order to grow Life Design Catalyst work.
  • Creativity: Create self-exploration tools at least every other month. In constant creation mode.
  • Gratitude: Ever since blood clot and pulmonary embolism in August 2016, grateful to be awake and alive every day. Also grateful for everything that I have, especially family.
  • Hope: Believe that the future can be better than the present – and that each one of us has the capability to create it.
  • Spirituality: Understand that I’m here to serve something bigger than myself to make the lives of other better and/or make the world a better place.

Engagement Strengths:

  • Maximizer: Take people from good to great. Strive to help myself and others get better every day.
  • Futuristic: Believe that the future can be better than the present, as long as you take action towards it.
  • Relator: Have a small circle of friends that I work with and trust. Would rather have a small circle of trusted friends than a large number of associates. Feel same way about Life Design Catalyst Tribe.
  • Belief: My Personal Core Values guide my every decision in life. Conflicts for me usually arise when there’s a conflict in my values.
  • Activator: Believe that action is more important than thoughts and words. Interestingly enough, I created a Side Hustle 101 course so that people have the steps to go from idea to income in 3-4 weeks.
  • Connectedness: Believe that we are all connected in some way for some reason. Everything happens for a reason.

This is a great opportunity to learn a little more about who you are AND what’s best about you (and potentially, what you have to offer the world).

Speaking of what you have to offer the world, watched a great video this morning on my morning (indoor) ride. If you are a creative and want to put your “work” out into the world, Marie Forleo interviewed Steven Pressfield, author of the FANTASTIC trilogy, “The War of Art,” “Do the Work,” and “Turning Pro.” Here’s a link to the video:

What’s holding you back? Check out the video and find the answer!


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