your work is not for everyone

As I continue to contemplate how Life Design work is integrated into higher education, in my work as an educator and as a business, I’ve been trying to identify the population I want to serve, my target market.  In my entrepreneurship classes, when I ask students, “Who is your target market?,” they will typically respond with “all people” or “everyone.”  For me, I focus on the students I serve through my classes and the educators I serve through trainings and workshops – all interested in learning the skills to be empowered to create meaningful lives.

I read the following article by Jeff Goins in April and planned to write a blog post about it on April 9, 2019.  Last Thursday, I wrote a blog post and found this article saved in my Drafts folder; I re-read the article yesterday (Tuesday) and today – and now I’m sharing the article with you.  If I had to pick one of my favorite 10 articles of all time, this would be one of them.  Here’s an excerpt why it resonates:

“The point of marketing is not to convince people to buy your stuff. It’s to help you find those who need your work. In other words, don’t create something for everyone. Create something for someone.”

With that, I know that I’m here to serve (through my courses, trainings, blogs, etc.) people at a crossroads in life – young and old.  If you aren’t sure of the “someone” you want to help, empower, and/or inspire, check out the article:

And if you at someone at a crossroads in life, I’m your man!

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