purpose statement #1

I decided to share my Wednesday post today (Tuesday), since I will be traveling for most of the day.

As you notice, this blog and the Life Design Catalyst Program has a primary focus on purpose work.   There will be numerous articles addressing purpose over the course of this year.  Today, I thought it would be useful to provide you with one way to construct a statement (will post others along the way).

Use the format listed below to construct a statement for yourself:

Use this Purpose Statement Template to quickly define your purpose – how you want to serve something bigger than yourself: I am here to _____ _____ so that _____.


“I am here to ______________________________
(action verb: a verb describing what you do, i.e. help, serve, motivate, encourage, save, rescue, support)

(whom: groups – people, children, students, animals, nature, etc. – you’d like to help)

so that _______________________________________________________________________________.”
(result: change, improve, and/or impact how others think/feel/do/act/believe).

Examples (from our Student Success Navigators/Life Design Catalyst Coaches at UNCG)

Bill Johnson’s example: I am here to empower students, faculty and staff in higher education AND people at a crossroads in life so that they can optimize their lives, actualize their potential, and find their path so that they become their best selves and serve others profoundly.

Megan Cayton’s example: I am here to help others pursue excellence (HOPE) so that they find their true purpose and passion to live a healthy, happy, successful life.

Scott Holloway’s example: I am here to motivate, inspire, and empower people so that they love and enjoy a better life – to be more, do more, and achieve more.

And if you desire, share your statement and I’ll add it to the post!

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